Carson Valley Real Estate Continues To Shine.

Carson Valley Real Estate – An Update by Scott Smith

Carson Valley NV- For the last several months the real estate market in the Carson Valley has been fun to be around. The housing inventory is fairly low, the buyers in the market are increasing and homes are turning quickly when priced right. As a realtor in the area for many years, it is always a great feeling when you can help a seller sell their home quickly and at the same time provide a buyer with a great value in the local real estate market.

Building is also starting to increase, with new homes going up in all corners of the Carson Valley and in Carson City. Developments that were started in 2007 when the market crashed, are teaming with life again as custom homes are being ordered and completed without long waits and local real estate investors are starting to move in and develop new home plans and lots for the new market push.

2. An exciting time to look into local real estate. If I can be of any assistance in either giving you an honest valuation of a home you might consider selling or in finding a great value in the market to buy please give me a call at 775-691-1777 or email me at